Riot announces Reforged Runes and New Honor system


In a video posted yesterday, Riot announced a whole bunch of upcoming updates for its League of Legends title. We have summarized the video for you below, but feel free to check out the video if you have the time.

  • Regarding the new League Client, more bugfixes and implementation of Item sets are on the way
  • New Rune system will combine Masteries and Runes
  • All Runes will be FREE
  • More Keystone Runes are available and are intended to grant a lot more power to than current Keystone Masteries
  • Compensation for current rune owners will be announced at a later date
  • New Honor system to be released in the next patch and is already in PTR
  • Players with higher Honor levels will get better drops from loot
  • Honoring is more integrated into the system to encourage use
  • Riot is looking into Voice Chat
  • Voice Chat is a polarizing issue that will be dealt with carefully

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