If you have no time to practice, don’t play the game

The following text may be a tough pill to swallow. But if you’re willing, read on. If your thirst for winning and attending international tournaments is there, this shouldn’t faze you. The time for niceties is over. What Singapore players need is a hard punch in the face.

I don’t claim to be an expert in the local scene. I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to knowing the players in the scene. But what I’ve come across doesn’t spell good news.

Local players, stop making excuses.

No Time
This is the worst offender of them all. While it is fair that the local community is burdened by School and NS commitments, it only means that the remaining available time should be spent more wisely than playing a Solo-Queue smurf in the local server.

Circumstances have already put local players at the back foot. But players make it even worse by thinking they’re doing enough by simply playing the game. This is made worse by coaching staff that think the same thing.

If you have no time to practice, don’t play the game. I’m not asking you to quit. I’m asking you to be smart.

  • A new patch is coming? Read it!
  • Drastic Champion changes? Test it!
  • Changes in Meta? Study it!
  • WTF is Macro game? Watch it!
  • Lacking Champion Pool? Learn it!
  • Watching a Pro game? Take notes!

Local players don’t even bother reading statistics other than Damage Dealt. If you wanted that, you should be playing HotS. Learn and understand that Stats such as CSD@15 doesn’t mean that you should CS better but is more of an indicator of how you played your first 15 minutes.

If your coach hasn’t planned lessons and points to work on for scrims, fire him. If you’re looking for scrims, it means you already have a game-plan you want to try; not jump into a random game and expect to improve.

I do not doubt that the local scene is full of mechanically gifted players. That would have worked in Season 2, but not anymore. It’s been 5 years since Season 2 and we’re still making that mistaken assumption. Stop working on Mechanics and start working on Communication.

To play well isn’t to be flashy and take Pentakills. To play well is to communicate cooldowns with the team. Buddy up to push vision control and play to win conditions.

SKT isn’t flashy. They just understand the game better. So stop playing the game. Start studying it. AND START NOW!



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