GotG vol.2 packs in some new tunes

The first rendition of Guardians of the Galaxy took the world by storm, sweeping cynics off their feet with nostalgic 80’s tunes and quirky heroes. It was an amusing band of misfits that, well, banded together against the common threat of Ronan and the Power Stone.

A Familiar Melody
None of the magic that made the first film special was lost in this one. In fact, it made this sequel so much better. GotG 2 met expectations in that regard and more. Director Gunn stuck to his formula of juxtaposing the oldies with advanced technology to weave a seamless narrative.

Not missing a Beat
There were some slight nuances to some of the jokes that kept repeating itself over and over until it became more of an annoyance. But apart from that, the story had little kinks that required fixing. Acts 1, 2 and 3 did not feel detached from one another and made more sense than its predecessor. Clearly, not having a McGuffin that was tied to the other films allowed more breathing room for James Gunn to play around with.

More backstory
GotG offered valuable insight to our heroes and even some other characters we saw in the previous movie. Character development was shown across the board, even in characters that we didn’t care much for previously. In this case, Rocket, Yondu and Drax stole the show. Especially on the Yondu front; Michael Rooker plays an amazing Yondu, I never expected to feel so much for a Southern-accented space-pirate.

Although, I felt like writers could use a little less ‘telling” and more ‘showing’ in the film.
The part where we literally took a museum tour was quite dissatisfying. It was almost as if they couldn’t find any other way to narrate that wouldn’t take extra screen time.

I didn’t care much for the addition of Mantis into the group. For the most part, she was quite forgettable as Dave Bautista stole much of the scenes from her. While I appreciate some sort of budding romance between the two, I would not expect this to bloom into anything special.

A little bit of both
Overall, GotG 2 is a light-hearted and fun adventure that also tugs on your heart-strings every once in a while. It is a feel-good movie, something that many of us could use right now in these tumultuous times. If you enjoyed the first, you’ll definitely enjoy this one too.

Be sure to stay all the way to the end as Marvel teases some of the most exciting theories on the internet. It turns out that they are watching, and listening. Something I wish I could say for the DCEU, which I am holding up so much hope for later this year.


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