LMS Week 7 Preview

Last week, we saw a very underwhelming FW vs AHQ. It was evident that AHQ was still making the same mistakes they have been making all split long, except FW was the only team in the region who could punish them so definitively. Other than M17 taking a BO3 against JT, nothing much stood out in particular.

Week 7, however, will see some teams shake up their rosters. After the end of the first Round Robin, teams are trading players left and right in an attempt to salvage their current situation. Most notably, Wako and Rins’ transition to Wayi Spider. Wako most recently moved back to the mid lane and he made his presence known by playing well in XG. Wako will continue to play Mid in WS.

We did also catch a glimpse of Rins in the top lane as he subbed in for a sickly MMD. His performance, while decent, did throw Flash Wolves’ tempo a little off from what they were used to, almost allowing Fireball to pick up Game 1 in the series. In that game alone, Rins contributed to 50% of FW’s deaths. And while he was able to recover the next game, it does show that Rins does have a whole lot to be desired, even if he was a former Flash Wolf.

With these roster swaps plus an acquisition of unknown jungler Epic, Wayi seems to have upgraded their innate potential. However, will the new team gel together quick enough for HKES?

WS are currently 0-8 on the board and are still looking for their first win of the season. Things don’t look good for the team as they can probably only aim to retain their spot in the LMS.

HKES on the other hand have been rolling Snake Eyes on their tower dives so far this split. These mistakes are less than acceptable and have been a reason for their losses so far. While I still have faith in their macro-level understanding, if they do not have the ability to execute the plan, then even the best plans will go for naught.

M17 vs AHQ
After watching M17 beat up HKES and JT last week, I have a little more faith in the M17 squad. It seems that M17 always pulls up their socks in the 2nd half of the split. And while they still rely primarily on their team-fighting prowess to muscle their way into a win, they have also shown good understanding in playing the map properly.

Which brings us to yet another team that loves to brawl. AHQ looked relatively like a Gold-Level team against FW last week. They made bad calls using limited information which were naturally punished by FW. When behind, they made solo hero plays that failed in the face of impeccable teamwork. What made things more frustrating was their livestream after the match, where they were rendered speechless for “How could we have played around this better?” other than saying FW played well.

How do you beat your opponent when you don’t know how you can? It is clear that team-fighting while behind is not an option especially against the Flash Wolves, so what else is there for AHQ? I’m pretty sure assigning blame and making the team do push-ups isn’t the solution.

But I digress. This match is a fight for 2nd place and it is up to both teams to shore up their weaknesses in map-play and communication in order to clinch that spot tightly until the playoffs.

LMS continues this week on March 17 at 1600 TST


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