Post-Pirate Nerf Hearthstone still goes face

It should come as no surprise at this point that Hearthstone always reverts to the same problem it always had. Aggressive decks take top tier.

No More STB
I held out some hope for the nerfs to hit the previously obnoxious aggro decks so that the game would allow room for Midrange decks to exist. Even when my brain was telling me the exact opposite.

“WevHez, are you crazy? Patches still exists!”

And exist it did. Even with Small-Time Buccaneer nerfed to oblivion, this did not stop Aggressive players from coming up with new ways to lay smackdown on my face.

In fact, Finja Rogue was spawned almost immediately after the nerf. The deck relies on the stealthy murloc to summon way more. And with Flamecannon long gone, one can only hope they possess one of the rare board clears available to regain control.

The Elephants will Destroy you
Once again, Shamans have way too many options available to stay relevant. With Taunts, Hex, Heals, Burn Spells and Overpowered Minions at their disposal, taking away Spirit Claws meant nothing.

You Can’t Lose Stars at This Rank
The introduction of Rank Floors have helped in injecting diversity at the specific levels. However, as the season draws closer to it’s end, you can trust that Warriors, Shamans and Rogues are going to start crawling out of the woodwork. One can only stand looking at a star-less Rank for so long before succumbing to the dark side.

Fix the DAMNED Ladder
One point that I will not cease beating to death is the fact that the ladder system is the main problem. The Time vs Reward curve is severely imbalanced. With aggressive decks so powerful that even the best control decks struggle with them, one can only endure so much before tossing a middle finger at the opponent upon every loss.

To the Arena
One glimpse of hope for Hearthstone, however, is the Arena mode. The Arena experience has improved leaps and bounds after its transition to standard and its change in drafting. With more Epics and Legendaries in the fray, Arena games are more exciting than ever. It makes that elusive 12 wins even more rewarding to achieve.

Time Moves Quickly
I am very close to losing hope about Un’Goro given the current state of affairs. I sincerely hope Un’Goro introduces more AoE spells and Control cards that can compare with the aggressive cards in play. While I understand the neccessity of aggro cards, I wish Blizzard would slow the game down a tad more than 5 turns.

I hope even more that the Hearthstone ranking system be revamped to reward players who play longer games. Seriously, 1 star for 20 minutes is ridiculous.

April cannot arrive soon enough.


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