LMS Week 6 Preview

I’m guilty as charged. I haven’t been putting these out in a while and for good reason. The LMS has been characteristically uninteresting over the past few weeks. While I did get a few good laughs in at how Fireball keeps getting burnt, LMS did not impress. Which is also evident as the LMS did not get any spots in The Penta barring a Baron steal from Fireball’s Heimerdinger Top.

As we near the completion of the Split’s first Round Robin, we can draw a few conclusions about the strength of each team.

My Current Rankings would be:

  1. Flash Wolves
  2. ahq e-Sports club
  3. JTeam
  4. Hong Kong Esports
  5. Machi E-Sports
  6. XGamers
  7. Fireball
  8. Wayi Spider

I know @Obscurica would be so mad if I pointed out that in the LMS alone, there are 3 different spellings of “esports” in the team names.

Matches to Watch

  1. HKES vs M17
  2. AHQ vs FW

HKES vs M17
There is a definite toss-up between HKES and Machi as both teams took Ls from the top 3 teams AND haven’t faced each other. Both teams also had a close shave against a newly invigorated XG last week. And while HKES did drop a game against XG, courtesy of jetlag from IEM, they did pull through in the end using better macro play to best XG.

If HKES is to win this BO3, it has to rely on its superior solo lanes to snowball into a Macro-level advantage. MapleSnow should have no problems dealing with 3z, even if his explosive casks miss 50% of the time.

M17 will try to fight HKES head-on. 3z, Apex and Taizan thrive in the chaos they create and it is up to HKES to run them around the map and keep them as separate as possible. In any case, I do not wish to see yet another 65 minute game from M17.

After watching AHQ fumble their early game 2 games in a row last week, there is no question that Flash Wolves are the definitive first place in the LMS as of this post.

AHQ almost lost Game 2 against JT last week as we saw Chawy, Mountain and Albis get dismantled cleanly via JT’s superior early game vision control. JTeam’s new mid-jungle combo in FoFo and Breaker were able to predict and counteract Chawy and Mountain cleanly.

This is particularly worrisome for AHQ’s mid-jungle duo as both are considered the best players in the team. And yet, both players have yet to achieve the desired level of synergy that is Maple-Karsa.

A brief peek into AHQ’s comms feels disjointed; information reported doesn’t seem to be fully utilized properly or acted upon. That said, there is a whole lot of unspoken synergy within the team when it comes to team fights.

AHQ seems to always get away from bad situations with impeccable team-fighting. Give them a 4v5 with a gold deficit and they’ll take all 5 lives and the Baron in classic AHQ fashion. However, this “hail-mary” play-style was exactly what we wanted to avoid ever since the acquisition of Chawy away from westdoor.

If AHQ wants to beat the IEM World Champions, they had better start cleaning up their early game communication and play the map cleanly instead of relying of high-risk maneuvers from Mountain to wipe team fights.

The LMS continues March 10th at 1600 TST


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