Logan claws its way to your heart

Much unlike the rest of the X-Men movie franchise, Logan focuses more of the emotional side. There are no suspension bridges or giant metallic objects for Magnus to bend and break now.

Fan favorite Hugh Jackman’s final outing as The Wolverine was a gruesome, gory mess in the best possible way. In 2029, most mutants have been killed off and only few remain. A grayish Logan is hiding out near the Mexican border alongside a demented Charles Xavier and Caliban. After being shot and called “pendejo” by some cholos while resting in between his “Uber” job, Logan has to fight his way through them much to his dismay.

It is apparent that Logan’s regenerative powers have weakened with age and is slowly unable to resist the Adamantium poisoning his body. While he continues trying to survive instead of live as a lone wolf (with a couple of friends), he is eventually called upon by a nurse. One he is resistant to help. He’s had enough of all the heroic crap and the emotional baggage that comes alongside it.

However, things quickly spin out of his control as the forgettable villains start targeting him for unintentionally harboring X23 aka Laura. He realizes how similar she is to him after she is forced to reveal her mutant abilities and can’t help but, well, help.

I feel like the feature film reeked of “The Last of Us”. With the distant badass of an old man paired up with a not-so-helpless teenage girl. Only I feel that the video game did the storyline a little better.

The movie could have used a little less Español as it only served as a divide between Laura and Logan. The lack of dialogue from Laura for over half the film did her no favors. While I understand what Director James Mangold was going for, it did not land as well as I had hoped.

Mangold made sure to put as much time as he could between Logan and Laura, so much so that it felt like Charles was the third wheel in the movie. (Or all 4 wheels from his chair.) And as much as I loved the performance from Patrick Stewart as Charles, it felt like he was absolutely unnecessary to the plot. Even if it was to provide context on how the X-Men got wiped out.

The final act, however, amidst all the action and gore, gave a sense of closure for both Logan as well as his fans. A fitting end to the legacy that is The Wolverine. The sense of loss as Laura called for her Daddy did bring me to tears.

Here’s hoping the producers of Deadpool 2 can strike a deal with Jackman for him to reprise his role as Wolverine, even if it’s a non-action, non-topless role.

I give Logan a 7/10. The bond between Laura and Logan could have been explored a little further, especially in the presence of an all-too-forgettable villain. (and X24)


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