Hearthstone expands into Un’Goro

It comes as no surprise that the upcoming expansion for Hearthstone would be the Journey to Un’Goro. After a leak almost a month prior, we’re only ready to take a sneak peek at the expansion that releases early April.

An Elemental Jungle

The introduction of Elementals can only mean the introduction of new cards that have synergy with said Tribe. This could mean that previously unusable cards like Magma Rager and Ice Rager might finally be able to see play in future.

One suspects a “1 mana 1/2 with +2 Attack when a friendly Elemental is in play” is lurking somewhere in the 135-card expansion.

This is also an indirect buff to Shaman, who has access to the most number of Elementals, not like he needs any more buffs, even after Standard Rotation. While I’m excited for this new archetype, I’m also cautious when it comes to Tribes.

Pirate synergy broke half the game within the span of a few weeks and is still wreaking havoc in the ladder until nerfs hit tomorrow.

Adaptation within Vegetation
To me, it feels like the new Adapt mechanic is not balanced properly.

Looking at the list, it would seem that each choice is not of the same value as the other. Comparing this to the Spare Part mechanic introduced in GvG, you quickly realize that +3 Attack is definitely better than Taunt.

While I like that players can now choose an attribute to suit their needs, it seems a little too much of an dice-roll for this to be fun. I would have much preferred that each printed card has 3 fixed Adapt options that players can utilize, similar to what Druids have, which allows for more strategy than RNG.

Quest Accepted
Another mechanic unique to Un’Goro is the Quest mechanic. Each hero can embark on a quest in order to receive an outstanding reward upon completion.
In this case, the Priest quest seems absurd as of now considering the amount of Deathrattle options that remain after rotation. I surmise that Priests are going to get some control-based Deathrattle cards in order to make this quest more do-able. Otherwise, the risk of both losing tempo Turn 1 and placing multiple Deathrattle cards in your deck does not seem to justify the reward. Especially in an environment where Patches still exists.

Deathrattle Priest may finally make a comeback, depending on the quality of Deathrattle cards printed in the set. The Deathrattle effect from Adapt is not giving me hope.

Reveal the secrets of the Jungle

That said, there have only been 4 out of 135 cards revealed to us so far. So it would be unfair to place a rating on the expansion just yet. Here’s hoping more impressive cards lay hidden under those greenish elusive packs.

Card reveals continue March 17th.

Pre-order is available at $49.99 USD for 50 packs and a special card back.
Once again, Journey to Un’Goro releases Early April



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