Flash Wolves devour “lukewarm competition”


I pulled an all-nighter last night catching the Intel Extreme Masters Season 11 League of Legends World Championship.

I knew it was a tournament for mid-tier teams. After the fiasco of C9 pulling out, EDG’s visa issues and HKES nearly unable to replace them, there wasn’t really much to expect from this tournament.

However, 2 participating teams, top of their region, were participating in this side-tournament. The Flash Wolves and G2 were there.

As a long time supporter of the Flash Wolves ever since their Gamania Bears run (That’s right, I picked them to win against Taipei Snipers back in Season 3), I simply could not pass up the opportunity to watch their only reasonable shot at a championship title in a long while.

The Semi-Final Scare
After witnessing Flash Wolves dismantle G2 in Day 1, and then destroying UOL in Day 2. It would only be fitting that FW continued destroying EU teams in the competition. However, H2K said otherwise.

Kudos to pr0lly for studying and preparing for FW so well, choreographing H2K’s movements in such a curve ball that took FW off guard. And it nearly worked too, as H2K took Game 1 convincingly and even threatened to take Game 2. Unfortunately for H2K, FW turtled until the right moment, struck a critical blow to H2K and destroyed them both in-game and mentally. If a composition of 4 tanks couldn’t beat the Flash Wolves, what else could?

H2K looked broken in Game 3 as Karsa found his footing once again against the EU squad and there was nothing H2K could do to regain any ground.

And the MVP goes to…
Any player from the Flash Wolves roster could have easily taken the title of MVP.
MMD’s brave save in Game 2 vs H2K.
Betty’s QuadraKill after MMD’s heroic play.
Maple’s consistent domination of the mid lane.
Karsa’s play-making ability in Game 3. 
SwordArt’s consistent Vision Control and harassment in lane.

However, it was given to a highly debatable choice of Perkz. One suspects this choice was influenced heavily by sponsors. But we will never know. And perhaps this is why Riot’s a little apprehensive about sponsors.

The Grand Finale
It was apparent that both G2 and FW were at their limit going into this match. Both teams had to suffer from the grueling schedule of IEM.

In the end, Flash Wolves weathered the storm each game and came back swinging. G2 could only watch as Flash Wolves tore down turret after turret within the span of a Baron buff, losing complete control of the game and the series.

Taiwan No. 1
It goes without saying how happy I am that the Flash Wolves finally, FINALLY, got out of their rut and started winning consistently. While this Pseudo-EULCS was less than competitive, it was more than enough to prove a few things.

  • LMS > EU
  • Betty > NL
  • FW’s getting more scrim partners
  • I’m never watching ROX Tigers as long as Mickey’s playing

Looking forward to MSI already. And we don’t even know if AHQ will usurp FW’s reign in the LMS.

As for those who are just jumping in the FW bandwagon, welcome.
Though, it is quite insulting to claim that FW were the favorites. They were not. G2 was.

Special mentions: Nelson and Jordan did a great job with HKES, keep improving.
Jenny, thanks for grabbing autographs from FW for me.


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