Practice Tool arrives in time for Valentine’s

In all its Sandboxy glory, Practice Tool has arrived. Summoners and Coaches alike are scrambling to familiarize with the options available in the Practice Tool. I can already picture Kkoma pulling an all-nighter trying to utilize this tool to its full potential.

Esports just got more Competitive
After all, it is going to be a race to the top once again as esports teams have now gained an additional device in their arsenal that they can use to their advantage. The faster a team knows how to use this, the better it is for Summoners and Teams to better themselves.

For a game that has Matches last around an hour or so, this was a long time coming. Now players can experiment and practice multiple strategies in a shorter span of time. Which means more innovation and definitely more clutch mechanical plays.

I’m already looking forward to IEM Katowice and it’s not because G2 just took C9’s place. Though the prospect of an international competition without NA does intrigue me.

Goofing Around
As with practicing other sports such as Soccer. Sometimes it’s fun just to fool around with the Sandbox. Buy ridiculous items. Set off fireworks. Play URF. Propose to someone. You name it, it is now more possible than ever to do all these things. As Trump would say: “It’s Great.”

Limitations Abound
Having tried the Practice Tool myself, I must say that while the Tool is well-designed and extremely useful for player mechanics, perhaps I was expecting a little more from this mode, even if it is targeted only at the professional level.

The ability to rewind scrims and set actual gold and experience levels would be helpful to teams training together. That said, I’m sure that these features will be implemented in the future, depending on feasibility and difficulty of implementation.

Even so, I know what I’ll be doing for today. Gotta practice those jungle routes and get those gank patterns down. (Also, punching Teemo dummies if I’m stressed)


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