LEGO Batman Movie Moves Deeply


A great title. That’s what all good reviews sport. Along with a great image of the movie they are reviewing. However, do not be confused. Even though this movie is set in LEGO, it is by no means a sequel to the LEGO movie.

Everything is Awesome
I caught LEGO Batman earlier today and I must say, it was a hilarious and thrilling ride. In many ways, LEGO Batman is the polar opposite of that the Nolan trilogy. The writers were not afraid to have fun with the universe while poking fun at others.

Think of LEGO Batman as the Deadpool of the DC universe, except without the foul language. The 4th wall is broken several times in the movie, and there wasn’t a need to swear in any of those.

Director Chris McKay manages to pump enough life into a predictable story to make the movie enjoyable to watch. I even found myself tearing at some point in the film.

Easter Eggs abound
Keep your eyes and ears peeled throughout the movie as the number of Easter Eggs packed into this movie is through the roof. And it doesn’t even affect the flow of the story!

Needless to say, this movie will be a treat for hardcore fans of DC comics as they get to enjoy both the hilarious plot while playing a mini-game of “Whose Line is it Anyway”. So don’t worry about taking your kids to this movie. They’ll have some jokes whiz past their head, but they will still have a good time.

But it doesn’t stop there. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you’ll see what I mean during the Third Act of the Film.

LEGO Batman is everything the current DCEU should strive to be but cannot. The rules have already been set in place by Nolan and his crew; rules that will prove difficult to break.


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