LoL’s “Whole New Worlds”


The word “Excited” does not begin to describe my feelings on this matter. After a multitude of complaints over the past year, it seems like change is finally headed our way.

We’ve had the introduction of 10 Bans earlier this year and now this. If you haven’t caught up with the news, here’s a link to read up on it. Trust me, it is worth the read.

Here’s my takeaway from all this.

No more Wildcards
After ANX defied all odds and entered the Playoffs last year, it is finally fair game for all regions. This also means that LOCALLY, our Singaporean and Malaysian Teams have 1 less obstacle to face before stepping on the international stage. To the local guys, you better buck the fuck up.

LMS gets 3 seeds
Are you kidding? This has been a long time coming. It is without a doubt that LMS matches are one of the most exciting parts of LoL International tournaments. With the Korean Team Killers only losing 1 game against SKT last year, it is finally time to treat the LMS in equal footing with the rest of the Major Regions.

Even so, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for the LMS this season. While competition has been heating up, I’m still not so sure the LMS will improve enough to make an impact this year. My prospective 3rd seed for Worlds this year will be HKES. Because of personal reasons, I cannot bring myself to support Team Fireball, despite its cool/cute logo.

The new Play-In format
This is one of the better adaptations I’ve seen in a while. Their placement of region seeds into their respective pools have been transparent and well-reasoned.

While I chuckle at the possibility of NA/LMS losing their prestigious MSI spot to the other regions (because they have a history of screwing up against them), I wholly support the good competition that will ensue.

Our minor regions now ALL have a shot at international competition, even if it is just for the little bit. This will definitely help the Minor regions gain experience and expand even more in the future.

The only issue I have with this is that our Minor regions may not get a chance to touch the top tier teams at all with all these “filters” put up. I’m not so sure if INTZ would have made it through Play-ins to wound EDG the way they did.

Nothing has changed
Essentially though, nothing has changed. While we’re excited for the representation of more regions that congregate in 1 place to celebrate LoLesports, we can expect a similar outcome. LCK is way beyond the curve in terms of practice and infrastructure.

And while the other regions are taking strides to catch up to that, I believe there are cultural barriers that need to be broken first before they can even come close to LCK’s level.

Now, all I need to do is look for the funds to buy tickets to every single day of Worlds, which spans over a month, IN CHINA.

Side note: Why did it have to be China? 😦

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