Cry Fowl over the Noisy Chickens

deadchickenWhat a way to usher in the Year of the Rooster. Just a few days after the Lunar New Year, we hear news of free-ranging chickens culled off after the authorities received complaints from residents about them being too noisy.

In a similar fashion, I guess we should kill off people who can’t be quiet in a library. Because that’s not an overreaction whatsoever.

People argue that we eat chicken all the time and that killing off some wild chickens shouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, this argument is missing the point.

The point is the intent. There is a stark difference in killing for food and killing because of a nuisance. The latter being an extremely scary case of, well, extremism.

“I don’t like them. Can we kill them?”

That sounds like something the Joker would say.

Even as the AVA are trying to justify their actions, It just sounds like a Cock-and-Bull story. I understand the need to cull chickens during a bird flu pandemic, but unless I’m mistaken, there is no such pandemic locally at this point in time.

Then we’re brought to attention the endangered red junglefowl. While the science eludes me, it is stated that the purebred junglefowl occur only on offshore Pulau Ubin and the Western Catchment area.

So, what’s up with that? Sin Ming Avenue is not very near those areas.

All I can say is, good job killing off one of the things that make Singapore, Singapore.



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