LMS Week 2 Preview

Last week, we saw all 4 matches play out in similar fashion. It was all 2-1 with the team that wins the first game losing the next 2.

This is the first time the LMS has taken the BO3 format and I could not be happier for it. If the last week was played out in a BO2, teams would be tied and they would be content with their draws. However, the teams’ introduction to a true sense of victory or loss can only spur the Region to do even better than before.

The Schedule

Matches to Watch
FW vs M17
ahq vs M17

The 3 teams highlighted seem to be the top tier of the LMS by far.

It goes without saying that FW is still the best team in the LMS. Their change in ADC from NL to Betty is a notable upgrade that did not seem to exude any growing pains during their game against ahq. Although, since I believe Betty could do better to improve the team, I do hope some teams in the region can offer some resistance that will help FW improve.

Although M17 did lose to JT last week, M17 did show that they had a better understanding in their Macro play and their mistakes can be easily fixed. M17’s bottom lane in Dee and Dreamer continue to impress and we can expect the team to reach new heights as the Spring Split goes on. We shall see if M17 can grow swiftly enough to find the chinks in FW’s armour.

The FW vs ahq match was an interesting one. It was a welcome sight to see Chawy back in the Mid lane as he held his own against Maple with LeBlanc and Syndra. Unfortunately for ahq, they were more prone to making mistakes that FW quickly identified and punished heavily. That said, ahq did make some impressive plays in the form of Mountain’s Lee Sin with a Level 2 gank that caught Maple by surprise. I’m optimistic about ahq’s chances, provided they’ve identified the root cause of their misplays.

Watch for Fun

If you have some extra time, do check out FBL. After all, they do have a funky logo and has a history of picking Heimerdinger Top PLUS have Elise with no Masteries. FBL has a lot to prove after that clown fiesta of a blunder against HKES. And how better to prove that than to face against XG for the week.

The LMS returns on 3 Feb at 4pm Taiwan Standard Time


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