Luke is The Last Jedi (again)


But this time, I think it’s for real.

We don’t know the statuses of our favourite Star Wars Rebels protagonists; Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger before Rogue One, but I would imagine they would have led the mission to steal those elusive Death Star plans if they were still alive.

It was already stated early in The Force Awakens that Luke was the Last Jedi. The question we have in our minds is: What the… How? Not even a generation has passed and everything was reverted back to square-one.

Here’s to hoping there’s a couple of scenes dedicated to filling that gaping hole in the movie later this year.

But on to the movie title. I believe it means something more than just Luke being the Last Jedi. I believe it means that Luke will NOT train Rey to be a Jedi.

He will train Rey into something more.

I bet all those years of training and learning should have taught Luke Skywalker that Light and Dark should never be so clean-cut. Clearly using only the Light has not worked out so well for the Jedi. Both Light and Dark forces exist as a whole, without one, the other cannot exist. Luke will train Rey to embrace both sides of the force to become a Bendu.

Rey and Kylo Ren will be on parallel paths crosses both sides until they reach a balance point, where they can change the future of the Galaxy.

But that’s my theory on the new Trilogy. What do you think?


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