Toss the Turtle, Super Edition


I was introduced to Gonzossm‘s Toss the turtle back in 2009. This was back when I was trolling the site of Newgrounds and this gory yet adorable flash game made the front page.

The art style intrigued me and I decided to take the leap and click into the world of TTT. I most certainly did not expect to spend the entire day trying to toss a turtle all the way across the universe.

Imagine my surprise and joy when I found out that Gonzo released a SUPER version of it on mobile. Needless to say, I jumped aboard right away.


The premise of TTT is simple. You toss your (apparently) immortal turtle with a cannon and see how far it goes.

What’s the catch?

The land has randomly generated a plethora of bombs, traps, UFOs, birds, Bananas etc. Hitting them usually means a boost for your turtle which allows it to travel further. However, in occasion, you’re met with Death by spikes. (Though I like to think that the immortal turtle’s still alive and simply writhing in pain)


You can also shoot your turtle, which also gives it a boost that prolongs its airtime. There are also boosts that you can purchase (using in-game $) in the shop that can help turtle cover more ground.

Suddenly, a simple game has been given a sense of progression as you try and try again until an upgrade is unlocked, and you try again. You’ll find yourself hooked to the game for hours before you manage to unlock every single upgrade.


You can also use the turtle shells you find to re-skin your turtle with another character. My favourite being Cry, as he’s based on the youtuber Cryaotic, of whom I watch religiously.

The app also occasionally offers you an option to watch advertisements in order to gain more turtle shells to unlock more characters. I believe it’s a decent way for a win-win situation between player and developer. At least, if you cannot afford to buy the in-game currency, you can still support Gonzo by watching as many ads as possible. After all, he did put in a whole lot of effort making this game.

Gonzo’s Super Toss the Turtle can be found in the App Store and Google Play now.


One thought on “Toss the Turtle, Super Edition

  1. Oh man, I remember playing this games for hours back in the day on Newgrounds! I had no idea it was on the appstore now as well. Welp…there goes the rest of my day.


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