WevHez’s 2016 Game of the Year


One of the favourite games in 2016 last year was Furi.

Furi is a Boss-Rush video game that combines the slasher genre with that of the bullet hell genre. This well-balanced mix is enough to make Furi an experience to remember, and for some, even wanting to come back for more.



Furi’s aesthetic borrows a lot from Afro Samurai, which in itself is unique, colourful and appealing. Each level is beautifully designed with different themes that offers a new perspective as our Protagonist travels from prison to prison in order to escape captivity.

That, coupled with the bosses occasionally interacting with the level itself brings the world to life in place of the generic platforms we are accustomed to.


Furi’s soundtrack is easily its greatest strength. The music is repetitive, yet not tiresome. It evolves with each phase of the boss level, bringing you a sense of accomplishment along with the anxiety of an increased difficulty.

As with the visuals, the music evolves with its surroundings, changing the pace from bass-pumping suspense to calming serenity. Even blurring out at moments when your character is close to death.

The sound effects and audio cues for parrying are not overwhelming, which allows for a seamless ambience especially for audiophiles like myself.


Furi’s controls are simple. You Dash, you Shoot, you Parry, you Slash. Controls will feel clunky at first, but grows on you as you progress into the game.

The bosses, however won’t let you hit them just like that. Identifying their attack patterns is the key to countering and defeating them. Bosses have numerous phases, each more daunting than the last.

And it is this difficulty that draws people back and also drives people away; depending on the person’s tolerance of failure. This places Furi right up there next to the Dark Souls and BloodBorne franchises, even though Furi is arguably much easier than its competition.

A large part of me feels like Furi could have been made even more difficult that it already is. But that would have made the game unfair. As it stands, Furi is definitely tedious to play, but also quite forgiving at times.



You play as a prisoner wishing to escape an elaborately designed prison after a rabbit-head frees you. Each prison is locked and the only way to escape is to kill the Jailer. You find out later, that it was the Rabbit guy who designed this prison, but was also trapped in his own creation. And the story continues.

It is a simple story that works in a relatively simple game. After all, this game was made on Unity. Which is a surprise in itself; especially since most previous Unity games I’ve played have had several issues and bugs that was a nightmare to deal with.


This game keeps delivering at every step of the way and has a huge replay value in terms of speed-runs as well as the Furier mode, which may cause much Fury indeed.

As my Game of the Year for 2016, Furi gets a 8.5/10


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