Looking forward to DCTV’s return


It’s been a while since the Mid-Season Finale of each of the Arrowverse shows premiered. As an avid fan of DCTV, I was thoroughly impressed by the variety of tones that each show ended on.

It should go without saying that SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW. You have been warned.

A Super One

While I’m still not sold on Supergirl, it has made vast improvements since the first season. It is, however, sad that one of the best characters in the show in Cat Grant had to be shoved aside in order to give Kara more space to grow. After all, you can’t make an interesting show when the mentor’s always there to guide you  at every step of the way.

Supergirl ended on a hopeful note, with Lina Luthor choosing to walk the path of light instead of following in the footsteps of her family. With Alex now out of the closet and J’onn’s illness conveniently cured, we can now shift our focus back to Kara’s struggles and Mon’El little secret. It was also pretty neat that this Finale was the start to a wonderful 3.1-part crossover.

I’ll just be thankful if the Guardian plays as little a role as possible in the future. I mean, even Wynn’s more likable now that he’s embraced his inner Cisco Ramon.

Supergirl returns on 23 January 2017

A Flashy Christmas

We were given a glimpse into a potential future. One where Iris gets stabbed by Savitar during the Season Finale. So we have until May to wait for that to eventually play out. Or not?

It seemed a little too hopeful and dandy by the end of the episode, but we know for sure that Barry Allen is screaming internally and thinking of any means necessary to try and prevent Iris from dying. Let’s just hope it’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I do have my theories that perhaps Savitar was trapped in the Speed Force all along. So by throwing the box into the Speed Force, Team Flash gave Savitar what he wanted. Thereby sparking his return.

It is horrifying to think of an unchained speed god doing whatever he wants. Barry is going to need all the help he can get to stop him. Even if it means Savitar is probably Barry Allen himself, or Zoom.

The Flash returns on 24 January 2017

The Canary Returns?

Arrow seems to have taken a huge turn for the better this season. Embracing its Season One roots while still incorporating the elements from others that make it great is no walk in the park.

The finale has its fair share of pain and suffering, a stark contrast to The Flash’s hopeful outlook despite the circumstances. I must admit, Prometheus is a scary villain not only because of appearance. He’s crafty and forces you to make decisions you regret. His curve ball tricking Oliver into killing Billy was the first of many blows he dealt to Team Arrow.

The penultimate montage was so powerful and heart-wrenching that it made us jump at the hope that Laurel Lance was still alive, somehow, somewhat.

When Arrow returns, we have a whole bunch of questions that need answers. Especially if the Laurel Lance is real or not. On a personal note, I do hope Curtis and Paul get back together.

Arrow returns on 25 January 2017

The Legion of Doom

As with Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow made steps in the right direction since their premiere season. There are no more repugnant love stories about a woman who was just a barista several weeks before her life spun out of control. Nor an immortal whose threat was barely worth mentioning. Character arcs are finally interesting enough to be emotionally invested into.

It goes without saying though, what Eobard Thawne is planning to do at the end of his little treasure hunt throughout space and time. After discovering that he cannot destroy Barry Allen via Time Travel as it will inevitably also destroy him, the Reverse Flash is searching for the Spear of Destiny in order to reshape Reality to one without Barry Allen in it. Therefore allowing him to still exist and exact vengeance at the same time.

I’m not sure if Eobard has really thought things through though. Without Barry Allen, what is he going to do with his life?

Back to the Legends, I’m really happy that the writers decided to have more fun with the characters now that Rip Hunter’s nagging was out of the way. Speaking of which, is returning later this month and will probably play an integral role in stopping the Legion of Doom’s plot.

As with any other Time Travel show, logic should be thrown out the window in order to fully enjoy the ride.

Legends of Tomorrow returns on 24 January 2017 after The Flash


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