A question of perspectives


Teacher Pointing at Map of World

There are two types of teachers.

  1. The one who reminds students and even sends reminders to the parents to ensure that the reminders are being followed up on so there will be no slip up.
  2. The one who only reminds the students and does nothing else.

Which type of teacher would you prefer your child to have?

The latter teacher punishes the student when he/she forgot about the reminder. Eventually, the student learns about ownership and accountability. In future, he/she diligently notes down the reminder and acts on them.

As for the former, the teacher will be regarded as a highly professional and caring teacher. If the student forgets the reminder, the parent is equally liable. Said student will have the ability to place blame in the event he/she forgets the reminder.

Sometimes, there are valuable lessons teachers teach students that do not exist in textbooks. It is up to both parent and teacher to work together in order to inculcate the right values in the student.


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