A new year, A new start


A new year, A new start

This is a lie. Many people start off the year reminding themselves of what they had done over the past year and making resolutions to change for the better.

I want to be fitter

I want to be nicer

I want to make more friends

I want to do this

I want to do that

Unfortunately, the only truth is that

I am still the same

An arbitrary change in a calendar and a man-made metric is not going to miraculously change your mind and body. After counting down to 2017, we realize that we really haven’t changed; even if we want to.

Where does change start?

The truth is, change is a never-ending process. Every day is a new day, every second is a new second. We all can change and evolve at every moment. But often, things do not evolve overnight.

Take it slow

Despite all that, we must realize that the unrealistic goals we set up at the start of the year are attainable. A year isn’t very long but it’s not a bullet train either. Try not to take the plunge, only to find yourself gasping for air, exiting the Pool, and never returning. Giving excuses like:

I’m tired

My pet is sick

I’m sick

I got no time

It’s expensive

I’m lazy to shower

My teammates suck

The GrabHitch Ahbeng’s dog bit me

That food’s too good to miss

There’s a Lapras in MBS

So, instead of hitting the gym and tearing every fibre of your muscles apart, perhaps start by stopping 1 stop before your home and jogging back.

Instead of randomly talking to strangers and getting shot down, start buying your friends and colleagues some snacks during breaks.

Work your way up. Take small steps. Pace yourself. Then, at the end of 2017, you might start to appreciate the things you’ve eventually accomplished throughout the year.


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